I love speaking to groups of people in the community!

People who attended my talks have described my speaking style as “practical and informative” but also “relaxed, conversational, engaged, and interactive”.  I have also received feedback that audience members enjoy my inclusion of “relevant stories” and that they left with a sense of how they “can apply the information from the talk to everyday life situations.”

I hope to see you at one of my public speaking engagements soon!

If you’re interested in booking me to come do a talk for your group, please contact me so that we can discuss it further.

Upcoming Events

In addition to counseling, I also speak to mental health professionals and laypeople about topics pertaining to mental health and diversity. Here is a list of upcoming dates and topics for talks open to the public:


Mindfulness and Social Media

Monday, April 24, 2017 – 5:45 PM (Workshop begins at 6:30 PM)

Do you find that you compulsively check your Facebook page? Is your first thought when having an experience that you should Tweet or Instagram about it? Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through posts, not really enjoying yourself but unable to pull yourself away? Have you tried to “quit” social media on several occasions, only to find yourself slowly reverting to old habits? Together, we will explore the ways in which social media interferes with your ability to connect with others, and the reasons you find it so compelling. We’ll also take a look at the needs that are being met, and explore ways to meet those same needs through more fulfilling channels.

WeWork Fine Arts Building, Conference Room 2A

Cost: $10 or free for DTLA Rendezvous Premium Members

Register in advance at Meetup or Eventbrite!


Other Talks

I have been brought in to speak to community members and clinical professionals on a wide variety of topics.  Some topics I have spoken on are:

  • LGBT 101*
  • Self-Care for Busy Professionals
  • Self-Care for Caregivers
  • Goal-Setting for Lasting Change
  • Heroic Journeys: How people heal through immersion in fantasy worlds
  • Increasing Assertiveness to Improve Communication
  • Setting Loving Boundaries to Improve Your Relationships
  • Creating a Healthy Adult Relationship with Your Difficult Parents
  • Decreasing Anxiety by Staying in the Here & Now
  • Becoming Literate in the 5 Love Languages
  • Sexual Communication: 3 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from the Kink Community
  • Communication and Safety in Polyamorous and Kinky Relationships
  • Understanding Your Privilege
  • Emotional Intelligence: What your feelings are trying to tell you
  • Decreasing Anxiety by Staying in the Here & Now
  • Challenging “Normal”: A New Rule of Well-Being

*indicates event that has been approved for 1 MCLE “elimination of bias” credit for attorneys

If you are interested in bringing me in to talk to your group about these or any other subjects, email me to discuss topics, rates, and scheduling.